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Next workshop on facilitating uptake by SMEs of research on new processing technologies for underutilised fruits at Kandy, Sri Lanka from 13-15 May 2013.

The Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Peradeniya, Kandy, Sri Lanka  and the Centre of Underutilised Crops (CUC) at the University of Southampton are jointly organising a three day (13-15 May, 2013) research training workshop funded by the Leverhulme Trust, UK and ICRAF, Sri Lanka. The workshop will focus on approaches and tools to […]

IRD-CIRAD Workshop on Herbal Therapy & Food Safety on 3rd December 2012 in Vietnam

 Workshop Programme on  Herbal Therapy in Fish Farming on 3rd December 2012 in Vietnam

Workshop on Valorisation of traditional processing of indigenous and underutilised fruits’ in Cambodia from 14-16 January 2013.

The network’s fourth workshop focuses on the valorisation of traditional processing of indigenous and underutilised fruits. Indigenous and underutilised fruits contain a large variety of potentially useful but underexploited compounds which may directly or indirectly contribute to improving local health and nutrition. While vitamins and antioxidants may have a direct impact on health, other compounds […]

Award of Dr Susanta K Roy

Dr Susanta K Roy, Professor Emeritus, Amity University, Noida, India and Network Project partner has been awarded an honour of Soilendra Krishna Mitra Memorial Award -2010 by All India Food Processor Association. Please have a look at the Citation of the SKR Soilandra Award.