Workshop on Valorisation of traditional processing of indigenous and underutilised fruits’ in Cambodia from 14-16 January 2013.

The network’s fourth workshop focuses on the valorisation of traditional processing of indigenous and underutilised fruits. Indigenous and underutilised fruits contain a large variety of potentially useful but underexploited compounds which may directly or indirectly contribute to improving local health and nutrition. While vitamins and antioxidants may have a direct impact on health, other compounds may have a more indirect impact (e.g. use of neem as an insecticides, use of essential oils to reduce antibiotic use in shrimp farming, increased local incomes through import substitution). Many of these uses are known only at local level and have not been sufficiently researched to demonstrate their effectiveness and support their commercial exploitation.

The aim of this research planning workshop is to identify one or two cases of indigenous fruit processing with a high potential for valorisation (through further research) as direct or indirect contributions to local health and nutrition.